Jessilyn Yoo

If you look backstage at saadl, you will find four people from around the world who are united by their love of bikes and the drive to keep on pedalling. Our rides are defined on a fundamental and emotional level. Cycling to us is a way of life.

We each have a story to tell. This is the first of three profiles where you’ll get to know the brains behind the operation. We start today with Jessilyn Yoo, an American producer, writer, musician, and cyclist who currently lives in Berlin.


Having lived and worked in New York before crossing the Atlantic, Jess’s main cycling forays back in the day were courtesy of the bike share scheme known affectionately as “Shitibike“. It wasn’t until she moved to Berlin in 2014 that she really had the time and space to explore her surroundings on two wheels. Starting off first with a Cat-on-Bike fiery red singlespeed (which has sadly since been stolen), Jess then came into contact with her one true love, the Cinelli Saetta Radical.


This too, was stolen alongside her singlespeed and a few other bikes in the cellar attack. So the one you see today is a replacement, a surprise gift from her fiancé who selected all the components specifically for her size and had it custom-built entirely from scratch. Jess calls this version the “Fenice” – “The Phoenix”.



Once that bug bit, well, that was really the only way she wanted to travel.

And so, the tours began.



Thanks to her trusty Dawes Galaxy and Pedalpower Cross Country tandem, Jess has had the opportunity to cycle through Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein (honestly, who goes there?), Cambodia, Slovenia, Myanmar, and Northern Ireland in just the past year. And the list only keeps growing.


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For her, riding a bike is like flying. It allows for a certain freedom that only comes with the wind sailing past at fast speeds as you rush down a 10% incline on a loaded tourer. Or the glee you feel when sprinting across a straight patch of asphalt on a carbon road bike. Either way, it’s pure happiness.

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Photos by @jlyn7