Alleyphant 4 Winner on Look KG361

The 4th Edition of the Alleyphant Race took place on September 24-25, 2016 in Nantes, France. Hosted by N-Peloton, this is an opportunity for the daredevils of the city to race through traffic as quick as lightning, no matter which way is the right way. Participating in this means you have no time to think. Probably because you’re too busy trying not to die.

It looks something like this:

This year’s winner was the team of Gaspard Delettre (camera) and Hugo Letessier (rider) with Hugo’s beautiful LOOK KG361, a beast that adds flair to any rider’s collection and is proven to hurl you across the finish line. But this one is made all the more special due to the fact that it has one of our custom-made saadl stem caps. Seeing it on its place d’honneur makes us really happy and proud.









Thanks N-Peloton for another great race. Until the next one!

Words by @jlyn7
Photos by @daam