Mash and Cinelli END their collaboration


Heard the news by reading my instagram feed this morning. Mash’s message below

As MASH moves into the new year of 2017, it is with great affection that we announce the end of our collaboration with Cinelli and the exciting start of our own independently produced designs.

Our respect for Cinelli began long before the first MASH video appeared in 2005, and it quickly evolved into a friendship. Over the years, we learned the culture and creative force of this historic bicycle brand in depth, especially as MASH began to design frames from our home in San Francisco with our new Cinelli family in Milan. This collaboration lasted for an incredible 7 years, and we are grateful to have had this solid foundation as we move on to our next adventure.
We are excited to continue to produce in the cycling community independently as MASH. This freedom will bring new flexibilities, and our goal is to make the best designs we can dream. MASH has always been about collaborating with our friends here in San Francisco, and it’s time that we continue to feed this ethos. These new pieces will be available later in the year. We’ll be sure to keep all of you updated as we have news to share.

Additionally, with this change, Cinelli will no longer produce any MASH collabration products, but shops will still be able to purchase remaining stock from the distributors through 2017.

So, with a full heart for our Cinelli family, we’re psyched to take this leap into 2017 with all of you!

Words by @daam