Cinelli & Mash: The Next Chapter

2017 started only a few days ago, and already, we have big news from what is arguably the most important figure in today’s fixed gear community.

Cinelli and MASH are ending their partnership. Is this the end of an era, or does it signal a new beginning? After seven years together, it’s certainly going to be interesting to watch both companies evolve in the new year.

So what can we expect for the future? Here at Saadl, we have some ideas.

Cinelli Mash Green

Where it all started: the V1 Cinelli Mash Verde, sister to the Grey model, and potentially the most desired Mash out there today.

Due to their collaboration with Mash SF in 2010, Cinelli has been able to enter the doorway into the fixed gear community. But now, with their own Team Cinelli Chrome and a firm foot in the market, they are in a good position to continue their success independently.

Cinelli has just undergone a significant rebranding and refresh of their model line-up, with an important new addition: The Tipo Pista. The Tipo Pista is the first “new” aluminium track frame (since the Vigorelli) not to have the Mash name attached to it, which is surely a sign of things to come as they also lose 4 models in their catalogue (Work, Bolt, Parallax, Histogram).

Cinelli Mash Histogram

Without a big “scene” name to collaborate with, Cinelli is likely to take less risks with their fixed gear line-up and reduce their range to simply the Vigorelli, the Tipo Pista, the Gazetta, and the Supercorsa Pista. A rebranding of one of the popular Mash frames as a Cinelli/Chrome frame could also be in the works in order to retain a “signature” fixed gear bike.

Cinelli Mash Parallax

The latest and final product of the 7-year collaboration between Cinelli and Mash is the Parallax, which features ten years of Mash graphic design.

The big question, though, is what we’ll get from the guys at Mash SF. After working with a company like Cinelli, there’s no doubt that they have a deep understanding of the design and manufacturing process. But creating a new line of bikes as a separate company is a big step.

Although they are a big name in their own right with a cult following in the fixed gear community, their first builds will be under the spotlight as competition from other builders today is stronger than ever, with many independent shops coming to fame in recent years.

8bar FHAINV2

A good example for them to follow would be 8bar in Berlin, by creating a small line of track frames made out of steel (similar to the popular Work frame) and aluminium. A BMX could also be a fun shout for the oddball enthusiast.

Mash’s partnership with Santa Cruz is also something to keep in mind, as it could also lead to more Mash-labeled bikes. So not only would we see fixed gear bikes from them, but also CX or even road frames in the near future, which could possibly bring a large wave of interest into other cycling disciplines and expand their reach even further.

One thing is for sure: we cannot wait to see the new bikes!

SantaCruz StigmataCC

The latest Mash collab’ with Santa Cruz, the StigmataCC, is a fun and bold looking frame. Could this be a partnership to watch closely in the upcoming months?

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And you can also check out the official statement from the guys at Mash SF or on their Facebook

Words by @amc