Alex Clark

Here’s the second post in our three-part series introducing the riders behind saadl. Meet Alex Clark, his history of riding, and his all-time dream bike.

Alex lives in Berlin, Germany but was born in England and moved to France at the age of 10 years old, where he grew up for the next 12 years. He has lived in Berlin since 2015, and participated in the 2016 Berlin Velothon earlier this year.


During Alex’s time in Paris, he met two guys with fixies – one had a State Bicycle Co in a raw metal finish and one had a 2011 Mash Histogram. They got him feverish about specific components and parts, and when he’d go back home to the country, he would spend time looking for kit from Campagnolo, amongst other rare pieces and frames. This led him to the Bianchi that he used in Paris.

Then the inevitable happened. After much searching and forum-reading on the Internet, Alex found it.

The bike he needed in his life. The 2010 Cinelli Mash Green.

In retrospect, the way it was set up was far from what he would consider to be beautiful today. But its imperfections are what really made him want it, and one day, he found one in Paris from a seller who hadn’t used it in a couple of years. After Alex wore him down with his never-ending persistence, it was his and the real journey began.

Since then, he’s been buying, selling, and riding other bikes, such as the Giant Speed Lite that he rode to train for the Velothon.

But the Mash Green will always be The One.

Words by @jlyn7
Photos by @amc