Six Day Berlin 2017

The Six Day Series brings the most exciting track cyclists from all around the world to one city for six days of nonstop velodrome fun. While it is usually on a per city basis (having originated in Great Britain in 1878), this year marked the first time ever that a round robin competition was held to produce the best of the best for a crowning race later on in the season. Riders competed in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Copenhagen for a chance at a coveted spot in the finals, which will be held in Mallorca in March 2017.

We had an opportunity to see the race in Berlin on Day 3, 24 January, which was a playful mixture of serious track titles and Rad Race skirmishes. Six Day Cycling has been kind enough to stream the entirety of the series online, as well as provide one-minute video summaries of each day, so make sure to watch and be marvelled.

Some of our favourite tidbits from Day 3? When Maximilian Levy swiped Robert Foerstemann’s victory in the Men’s Sprint Final from under his nose, and when the announcer declared that the riders in the Last Man Standing Rad Race were the men who scare you in your streets, Berlin!

See you next year!

Words by @jlyn7