Berlin Bike Show 2017

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to visit the 2017 Berlin Bike Show. From 3-5 March, hundreds of brands, vendors, cyclists, and fanatics ascended upon Station Berlin to drool over the best of what the bike industry has to offer. It’s also a great opportunity to not only catch a glimpse of what’s trending today, but see what ideas companies have for the future of cycling tomorrow. This is a particularly special show for Berliners, as many brands, especially in the fixed gear world, are born from this gritty city.

The event was split into several different categories: brands with their latest and greatest, accessories with which to customise your ride, unusual frames and contraptions that you wouldn’t see anywhere else, and various events where you could cheer on your local superstar.                                        

Alongside the shiny and the modern, there was also the vintage. The Berlin Bike Show always does an amazing job finding and curating old gems that were once lost in a farmer’s shed somewhere in the backwaters of the countryside, where they are then restored back to perfection. These are where our stories always begin. They should be remembered and revered.

You also get to see how builders’ minds work, and what their tiny niches and passions are. We saw some really unusual and weird Franken-bikes that are definitely worth mentioning:

There were plenty of different accessories and parts to browse and choose from. The bike show isn’t just about looking and touching – you can also purchase small bits and bobs if you so desire, and there were some vendors who were happily making sales left, right, and centre.

Speaking of taking things home with you, the Schindelhauer station is always worth checking out. Every year, they have a contest for the fastest man and woman to see who can sustain the highest speed for a period of time – usually up to 70-80kph. The winners take home a Schindelhauer frame that’s been made specially for this situation. It’s a right laugh and everyone cheers the contestants on.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a bike show if there wasn’t any actual riding during it. There are multiple events for anyone to register and participate in, such as bike polo and the longest track stand. In the end, this is what a show like this is all about. Giving what the riders crave in terms of eye candy, and inviting them to get involved and show what they’ve got. The vibe is always encouraging and open.

See you next year!


Words by @jlyn7
Photos by @jlyn7