Mike Hall

It is with a heavy heart that we start the week off with some very sad news. On Friday, 31 March, Mike Hall, a British ultra-cyclist who won 2012 World Cycle Race, was hit by a car and killed while competing in the final stages of the Indian Pacific Wheel Race.

At the time of the crash, he was in second place behind Belgian rider, Kristof Allegaert, and had mentioned days before about cars driving too closely on the roads. Following news of his death, the event organisers posted a cancellation notice just hours before it was scheduled to end in Sydney at the Opera House.

Mike was no stranger to the self-supported long-distance riding world, having also won the Tour Divide across the Rocky Mountains twice in 2013 and 2016, as well as the Trans Am Bike Race from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast in 2014. He was also an avid event organiser himself, having helped to found the Transcontinental Race that goes through Europe.

As cyclists, we know all too well the risks we take every time we set off on our bikes. But we never think that it will happen to us. Success stories at events like the Alleycat and Rad Races make us feel utterly invincible, and we ride on the wings of those highs. The cycling community grows bigger as more people get captivated and lured in by these thrilling experiences. The world is ours. Why shouldn’t we take it?

The death of one of our own serves as a somber reminder that we are only human. And that it’s more important than ever to look out for one another. Keep having fun, yes, but be alert and be smart. Nothing is worth losing your life over.

Rest in peace, Mike.

Photos courtesy of Mike’s Facebook Page.

Words by @jlyn7