Team Random Paris Alleycross

As is the case with all brilliant ideas, this one was born with a drink in hand.

After having organised and executed a successful Urban Alleycat race last November, Team Random knew that they couldn’t stop there. There was too much more potential to seek out, places to ride through, and fun to be had.

The first one was held in the city, so for the second Team Random event, they decided to combine the woods around Paris with an age-old cold-weather favourite: cyclocross. A name and a concept decided – perfect.

But where exactly could they hold this race? Clamart, an area located 10 kilometres outside of Paris, was a strong contender, but what if riders weren’t familiar with the terrain? The final route would have to be thoroughly tested and vetted before inviting others to partake. Several long weekends filled with hours of prototyping later, Team Random had what they thought was a viable solution.

So on Sunday, 2 April in the woods of Clamart on the top of Route du Vieux Cimetière, they began. With more than 30 participants coming on bikes that ranged from carbon road to full-on mountain (there was even someone with a fat bike), the potential for endless entertainment was fully there.

There was no GPS assistance, but the event organisers were crafty by turning their printed manifesto brochures into a compass and adding helpful markers along the route.

Two hours later, the last of the riders went through the final checkpoint and then real celebrations began. Gifts were handed out the winners thanks to various sponsors, and then the cyclists did what we all do after a long ride – either do it again (via a sprint on the hill) or take a nap.

Make sure to check out a wicked first-person view of the ride here.

‘Til next time!

Photos courtesy of Team Random and U Nicolas.

Words by @jlyn7
Photos by @Team Random