Julien Douvier

We at saadl are currently swooning over the work of Julien Douvier. Originally from Strasbourg, France, Julien specialises in the art of gif-making – tiny animations that capture a snippet in time. Whilst his themes span across all topics, our favourites (obviously) are the ones about bikes.

We first came across him when researching this incredible Passense Custom Track bike (blog post to follow!), as he was the one to shoot the promotional photographs. Further investigation led us to his other projects, such as the 2016 National Moutarde Crit and the WCMF Criterium, where he served as videographer. His attention to detail and method of storytelling keeps the audience on their toes, but he also remembers to capture the lighthearted nature behind the scenes as well.

As a triple threat, Julien’s photo stills are also a thing to behold in itself. Like with his gifs, his pictures hold a certain essence that make you feel as if you’re standing right there with him. Ethereal and moody, with light complementing the dark, his technique emphasises the surreal over the incarnate.

Keep an eye out for Julien. We sure will.

All photos, videos, and animations courtesy of Julien’s website.

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Words by @jlyn7
Photos by @JulienDouvier