Concours de Machines 2017

The latest edition of Concours de Machines took place from 29 June to 2 July and saadl was there to capture all the action. This contest, which originated in 1903 in the Pyrenees, gathers cycle touring enthusiasts from all over to showcase the best in randonneuring.

Each competitor presents his/her own original bicycle that has been designed according to their specifications. Then, over the course of two days through a mixture of road and back paths, they will participate in two trial rides of about 200 kilometres each to put their machines to the test.

An international panel of judges which comprises of bike historians, builders, and industrial and technical experts will rate the fabrication quality, weight, and level of innovation that each bike brings to the table. We already have some of our favourites, which we’ve captured below. A more in-depth look into each one will soon follow on our blog. Enjoy!

La Fraise Cycles




Eldel Bikes


ADV Paris


Grand Bois


JP Weigle


Cycles Andouard


Bicycles LARIX


Cycles Petrus


Vagabonde Cycles




Menhir Cycles


Gilles Berthoud <3


Pechtregon, winner of the contest.

The last photo was shot by, which also has some nice reading material about these bikes (available in English here).

Words by @jlyn7
Photos by @daam