Concours de Machines 2017 | Cycles Petrus

Next in our series of favourites from Concours de Machines is this stunner from Cycles Petrus. Read on and be surprised at what you find out, as it’s not your usual real steel.

The guys behind Cycles Petrus chose the design and the type of material for this bike solely based on the fact that they were looking for a way to differentiate themselves from the norm. Since the goal of this competition was to produce something that stood out, they went with a bamboo frame because it was certain to attract the public’s curiosity, not to mention the technical challenges of building such a machine.

Surprisingly, the manufacturing process was the simple bit: cut the tubes from the bamboo wood, wait 2-3 months as they dry, and then start creating the frame by forming the tubes so they fit nicely together. After you piece everything together with glue, apply the fiber glass layer with the resin and then put on a second coating of glue to ensure that the overall look is homogenous and smooth. Sand down as necessary.

There was a great deal of apprehension about this year’s event due to the troubles of last year, a theme that we’ve already seen before with other bike builds. Cycles Petrus were prepared well in advanced for any potential mechanical difficulties so that it wouldn’t be a mad rush to the end. The hardest parts of the race were the ones on gravel, and from the beginning, the team made a conscious decision to save their strength and the bike so that they would be able to reach the finish line.

For now, the idea is to keep the bike within the shop, remove some extraneous accessories, and use it to either go off-roading or around town. The team plans to use the winter to come up with some more innovative ideas on their next builds, and we can look forward to some new fabrications in the Spring.

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Words by @jlyn7
Photos by @daam