itswrongpope’s Trek

As you already know, this summer – and well, like every summer since I’m a 🍼👶 child, I spent a month in Erquy, Britanny, France – a small 🎣 ⚓ fishing harbour.

There, I met itswrongpope – a saadl member who was spending a couple of days in the city next door. He asked me to take some shots for his 8bar KronprinzCarbon and his Trek Crockett, so right before I left town, we met for a shooting.

After our blog post on his 🚴 8bar Kronprinz, here is the Trek Crockett. Enjoy the 📸 !

GO TO the Trek Crockett’s bikecheck

GO TO the Trek Crockett’s bikecheck

Words by @daam
Photos by @daam