Concours de Machines 2017 | Vagabonde Cycles

Aaand we’re back! After a small summer hiatus, we’ve returned to our series of favourite bikes seen at this year’s Concours de Machines. Enjoy our chat with Patrice from Vagabonde Cycles.

This year, the guys at Vagabonde wanted to create a Randonneur bike that was traditional in style but came with the modern equipment of today’s standards. Elegant, efficient, and reliable were key words during the conceptual process, and there, they definitely succeeded.

Its name, “Riva”, comes from the famous Italian boats that served as inspiration for the overall design with its fine, classic lines yet speedy personality.

Components used in this build include Reynolds 853 Pro-Team small diameter tubes, a Reynolds 953 stainless steel back, both front and rear Flatmount brake callipers , and a 12mm axle in the front. The team also deliberately segmented the fork – while it was more work upfront, it lent itself to more width optimisation in the end. Lastly, they designed customised gallows with the frame and the fork as a unified set. The front stainless steel bag shelf was the final piece of the puzzle with its robustness and levity.

This year, the race was more demanding than expected, especially in the off-road areas, and with the Riva’s 32mm extra light tires, it were not in the position to enter as the favourite to win. But thanks to the cyclocross experience of Vagabonde’s pilot, the team rose the challenge and placed their bike in the top 3 places each time. The pilot also knew how to manage and maintain the bike, and throughout the entire course, he didn’t suffer a single puncture.


Afterwards, the Riva was put up for sale and sold within one week of its notice. The new owner is incredibly pleased with the bike, especially how quickly he’s able to climb passes compared to his old carbon machine. Not only is it fast, but it’s also comfortable and fresh – exactly how Vagabonde intended it to be.

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Words by @jlyn7
Photos by @daam