Tanguy at oTm bikes

I met Tanguy when I first came in Cycles Marchi workshop, he told me he was about to go to danemark to learn some techniques to complete his framebuilding skills. By some strange coincidence, Tom from oTm bikes has just commented on a saadl bike page to let us know some details about the 5 kroner bike. And as you already figured it out, Tanguy went to oTm workshop to take a fillet brazing class.

The frame is just splendid and the fillet brazing perfectly done !

Tanguy dreams about launching his own workshop to build custom steel frames.
Maybe, some day, you and I will be riding Tanguy’s creations. Let’s wait and see 🙃

Photos courtesy of oTm Bikes. To see all the photos, head over oTm’s blog
If you are interested to learn these techniques, check Tom’s classes

Words by @daam
Photos by @Tom